April 23, 2015

TUTORIAL | Digiscrap without Photoshop | Scrapbook Max

G’day! Kate here. I am going to show you how I scrap without Photoshop. I use a program called Scrapbook Max. You see... Photoshop is an extravagance beyond my family’s budget as we get by on a Veterans pension. With two elite sportspersons too, I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on Photoshop. Can you imagine how many pairs of boots I could buy with that money?  I know a lot of people are in the similar circumstances so I wanted to show you that there is a cheap alternative and anyway, after all these years Scrapbook Max is kind of like that old favourite jumper that you just can’t throw away. To some people it may seem a little clunky and some ‘actions’ require a little more effort but value for money wise I don’t think it can be beaten.

April 21, 2015

PROJECT LIFE ® | Confessions and real life layouts

Yesterday I wrote a bit about my general work flow for Project Life. I think the main reason I want to share my thoughts with you is that I felt a little lost and overwhelmed when I started out with Project Life this year.  I felt like everyone else was getting it- and I was two steps behind. So, I thought I'd put pride by the wayside and be real with you and share my bumps and the lessons I've learned. 

Today I'm sharing the layouts I made for March.  First, I'd love to say I pulled these all together in about an hour. After all- all the videos I see seem to show peeps effortlessly slipping things nice and pretty into pockets and their pages come together perfectly balanced and in no time at all. Yah- that wasn't happening for me. And I used to be a little bummed at how long things seemed to take me- until I really took a close look at these videos and realized two important things (beyond the really awesome artistic talent of the people making the pages) - 
One- the videos were often time lapsed or sped up.  Two- the people making the videos had limited supply choices. Meaning- they were often CT members working with a certain design. This is way different than my real life where so many times I will be overwhelmed by my supplies and the seemingly endless possibilities I have. Information overload is not a friend of scrapping happy.

I'm going to be real here. First a disclaimer: I am sharing these pages not because I think they are artistically awesome- but because I want to share my process with you.  I don't think there's anything super special to the person living outside my little world that pops out from the page designs or layouts. That being said- they really mean a lot to me.  They tell little stories of our everyday lives that I know would go untold and maybe even forgotten if not captured in a tiny 3x4 pocket.  

Second confession- these eight pages took me almost 3 hours to make. Pocket scrapping is not quick scrapping. I wish I had known that one little truth when I started out. I'm not happy just slipping photos into sleeves and calling it a day. For me, I need to add some voice to the photos- so that a person could open up this book and hear me telling the silly/ happy/ sad/ crazy or just special to me details of why that particular photo made the pages of this book. So, now that I have come to accept that this is indeed, a project- I don't beat myself up that it's not coming together fast enough. For me, pocket pages take about the same time as traditional pages. 

One more lesson I touched on yesterday- and want to just stress today- is that having a color scheme to follow for my pages really does make life a lot simpler. I have read several times that Project Life peeps break up their supplies into color groups- and while right now, I still have my cards sorted by the collections they came in- I'm seriously thinking about sorting them into colors.  I did that with my kit club papers-  and love how simple it is to find the papers I'd like to use for a project.  I think it's time I bought that thinking over to my Project Life cards!

Keep in mind- I'm working with a 9x12 album this year. I truly LOVE this format- its the Goldilocks of pocket page albums for me right now.. not too big.. not too small- just right for me!  I got the album and most of the cards you see here from Studio Calico. I subscribe to their monthly Project Life and Scrapbooking Kits- as well as the Ali Edwards Story Kit.  I used the Story Kit to go a little deeper and make the 9x12 layouts. 

 * I just wanted to add that I used the We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeve Fuse to make that sealed pocket to hold my sequins. Here is a better look at the sealed pocket:

It was surprisingly simple to use! I am not one to catch on quickly- but after a few test drives on a scrap photo sleeve- I was brave enough to put it to the test on my page! I traced around a square template as opposed to using the ruler it came with- and my lines came out a little wonky on one side- but I have no doubt that with more practice- this will become a go-to tool when making my pages!
I'd love to hear any lessons, tips or tricks you've learned that make your pages come together happily- and hope that I've helped make scrappy life a little easier for you by sharing my process!

April 20, 2015

PROJECT LIFE ® | My Workflow Timeline Infographic

If you follow me on Instagram, chances you will see that at the end of each month I pull together my Project Life® layouts. For me, doing Project Life monthly and in a 9x11 format has made it much more manageable. I cant commit to setting aside time each week for scrapping- and while I adore 12x12 for my traditional layouts, it seemed a little overwhelming for me for my PL spreads.  I picked up a 9x12 binder at Studio Calico, as well as a few photo sleeves. I have been trimming down my 12x12 photo sleeves to work with the new format- and am very happy with the results.

And while I work to set aside the last Saturday or Sunday of the month for this project- sometimes it just doesn't work out. My March layouts are a perfect example. March was crazy in my house- it seemed every weekend we were double booked. It wasn't until this Sunday (April 19) that I was able to get March in the pocket so-to-speak.  What keeps me from feeling behind though are a few habits I have picked up after keeping at Project Life for a few months.

First- you should know that I limit my PL photos to those I take on my phone. Its just too much for me to go back and forth between computer and phone when its time to print out my pictures. Second, I really try and limit my photo editing for P.  I may brighten things up or change a photo to black and white- but I don't get too hung up on perfect shots. That's what I use my "traditional"  pages for. 

I use an I phone and ios apps- and rely heavily on the Becky Higgins Project Life app to do my collages.  I have really come to love collages for my 4x6 pockets- and I love the ability to make a square photo next to two smaller photos. I have been using square pockets a bit more since I switched to 9x12- and using a collage format saves photo paper and gives me cool looking tiny photos! 

Limiting my photo choices, letting go of perfection and finding apps that make things work easily have made Project Life much more enjoyable. But- the biggest lesson I have learned- and I wish it were printed somewhere in BIG BOLD PRINT is that while Project Life takes time. A PL spread takes as much time for me as a traditional spread. At first- I was upset things were not as simple as slip it in a pocket and be done with it- but the truth is- you need to get an eye for how to bring all those little squares together- and a flow for how you will do it.  It's a different process than traditional scrapping- and requires a little shift in the way you approach your pages.

I wanted to share with you a timeline of sorts of my Project Life® workflow. Maybe it will help you stream line your own process- or perhaps you have some tips and lessons you have learned that you'd like to share- I'd really love to hear them! (ps: I'll be back tomorrow with the pages I made over the weekend (8 in all) and a few additional notes about the process- See you then!)

April 16, 2015

Now in the Shoppe | GREENER GRASS

Spring is settling in around my corner of the world. Color is popping up everywhere- and there is a noticeable cheeriness in the air as we all seem to exhale a collective sigh of relief that the bitter cold days are behind us- and warmer days are right around the corner! That brighter outlook translated onto the drawing board this week in GREENER GRASS. It's full of happy colors, warm krafts and wood-tones and sentiments guaranteed to make your layouts bloom with joy! 

The GREENER GRASS collection premiers in the ForeverJoy shoppe at 20% off list price today through Sunday evening- and  the Journal Cards FREE with your purchase! That's more than 40% off list price- and better than any savings you will enjoy this National Scrapbooking Day!  

April 14, 2015

Tutorial | DIY Painty Edges

Hi Everyone! Hoping you are all enjoying your April! We are finally getting some warmer weather here in the Northeast, and I'm loving it. Ironically, 50 degrees in April is totally different than 50 degrees in October. April is better in my opinion, lol!

Today, I'm going to show you how to add some painty edges to your papers, photos or any layer that you wish. I haven't tried it yet, but maybe even on a flower. This technique is perfect for journal and pocket cards too! Here is my final layout:

For my example, I've used the Rise and Shine Papers and Pretties that are a part of the April 2015 BYOC at the Lilypad! Such a beautiful collection, that can totally be used for mornings, summer, and beach layouts.

First step is to select the item that you want to add the painty edge to in the Layers Palette - mine is a the background paper. Click on the thumbnail twice to

April 13, 2015

Dealing with Digital Photo Overwhelm

Hi all! Kinjal here again today! I hope you are all well and you're having a smashing April! Spring is definitely truly here, and unfortunately in my part of the world that means it's time for rainy season. I hope you had a lovely Easter celebrating if you did, or the holiday just with your friends and family if you don't. Over here, I was lucky enough to spend 11 days with my partner exploring all over Malaysia and Singapore. We spent our time between 4 cities, going on 4 flights and 2 trains, taking a thousand and one photos.

Yesterday, upon returning to the office, my colleagues asked me how my trip was and I waxed lyrical about how beautiful the beaches were.

"Hold on a sec", I said, "I'll show you a photo!"

Except....you guessed it, I had way too many photos and no easy way to share them or find that great one relevant to my story. Like most of you, I absolutely adore going on holiday and I love making and taking photos but always end up in a tizzy when we return. Today, I wanted to share some tips with how to deal with digital photo overwhelm particularly after a trip away and a bit of insight into my own personal workflow.