November 5, 2015

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!

Digital Scrapbooking day is HERE!! And if you do nothing else- be sure to take a little time for yourself to scrap, organize your supplies or sort through your photos. Yes- it's a terrific time for deals and shopping-but it's also a great excuse to take some time out for yourself and enjoy time doing this hobby that is so flippin' awesome!

It's also a great time to take a moment and say a  BIG THANK YOU to you, my super supportive fans! Thank you for your notes and emails, your shared layouts and messages- thank you for making this such a rewarding experience.  It means so much that you choose my designs to be part of your memory keeping, and I always work to create supplies that will help you bring together your stories in a meaningful and joyful way.

To celebrate DSD- the entire ForeverJoy shoppe is 30% off through the 9th, including the newest addition to the shoppe, BLESSINGS.

November 3, 2015

Shadowing Acrylic - The Easy Way!

Hi scrappers! How are you doing? This is Jenn, jk703 stopping in to show you a fun technique! I've been scrapping for over 5 years now, and I seem to learn new things all the time. I love sharing things that I think really can make your layout shine, as well as being super easy! So, let's get to it!

Today, I'm using Renne's Chin Up kit for my example images. It's a fun, bright and very flexible kit - as you can see, I used it for sports pictures! My font is Special Elite. Here is my layout so far:

I've left the acrylic yellow "Bright Spot" label un-shadowed for now. It's hard to see, but on the parts that overlap the yellow is where you will see the differences best. I will also show this same method on the word strip too! I learned this tip from a fellow scrapper at TLP - Melanie - in the Memory Pockets Monthly group! (Thanks, Melanie!)

So, here is the tag, up close:

Now, next I will add my shadowing like normal. My shadows are down and to the left, but then I have a slight shadow that is seen on the opposite side. I call it my Small Shadow with an Opposite Edge, lol! A bit of a long title, but since I've saved them all, it's just a click and go. 

Once added, the acrylic gets darker from the shadow. See how the overlapping acrylic on the trees in the photo are all dark, but above you can see the bright spots. The shadows take away that transparency that acrylic (and vellum) provide. We are going to make that "darkness" disappear
Just in case you wanted to see my shadow settings - here they are:

Regular Drop Shadow:

 Opposite Side Shadow:

In your Layers Palette, locate the layer you are working with - for me - the acrylic tag. You will right click on the layer, and choose Create Layers. It is 3rd from the bottom. This will separate the shadow layers from the actual tag - and create actual layers beneath it for you to customize. 

After Creating Layers, you can see my shadows on the next two layers:

With your Move Tool selected, make sure that your original layer is selected - for me, the acrylic tag, as you see above. You will Command (PC = Alt Key) and click on the actual image. This will give you marching ants.

Here is the trickiest part - and you might not see that actual difference this makes until you are done and compare the before and after. I didn't get it at first, and took a few tries before I could actually see what Melanie had taught me.

With the marching ants still marching, choose the first layer of shadowing in the Layers Palette. You may only have one or you may have 2 or more - depending on your shadowing techniques. You will complete this step for every shadow layer that you have.

Now, press delete. Yes, delete. Then move on to your next shadow layer and repeat.

Here is what my layers look like after deleting. You can see a heck of a lot of shadow was removed!

Here is what my acrylic tag looks like now. Do you see the sunshine-y spots trying to poke through? Yes... not brightly as the first image, but I do see them... yet my tag still has a great shadow.

Here is the original shadowed image and the last side by side. See how the yellow that overlaps yellow is brighter, and the sun spots show through a little. That was the aim of removing the shadows that fall under the acrylic tag itself... but not the surrounding outer areas.

One more example for you, with one of the word strips from Chin Up.



and Revised Acrylic/Vellum Shadowing:

You can really see how the darkness is removed and the writing is so much easier to read... and retains that see-through look like acrylic and vellum do when scrapping in real life!

Here is my final layout:

Hoping this was super easy, and you get to try it out soon! Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Happy Scrapping and to learning new techniques!
Jenn Marione | jk703

October 23, 2015

New in the Shop | Mama Bear

Maybe because it's that time of year we start to gather together more at home, or maybe it's because these past few weeks have been packed with college visits that remind me all to well that the big guy will soon be leaving out little nest- but when I sat down at my design desk this week, I couldn't escape the fact that I wanted to create a design that celebrated the protective unconditional love of a mama bear. 

MAMA BEAR premiers at the Lilypad this weekend at 20% off and you know I always try and make new releases the very best value- so this weekend, you will enjoy the coordinating Journal Cards as my gift to you with your purchase of the Page Kit! And I have to tell you, I adore those cards! I worked with them a bit before release and shared a little 4x4 layout I made with them here. 

October 22, 2015

Honey! I Shrunk the Journal Cards!

You know how they say that half of the world's best inventions happened by accident? Well- this is kind of like that. In my own little world- this one mistake has turned out to be a happy game changer for me! 

For the past few months, I have been printing my digital Journal Cards on my 4x6 photo printer to use in my Project Life Album. I like the look of the glossy photo paper, and the sizes of the cards fit nicely on a 4x6 photo sheet.  To get the cards printed out like this, I could upload to Dropbox- but I take a super short cut and usually just email 6-8 cards to myself, open them on my phone, save to the photos folder on my phone (since they are JPG format) and then send them to my little Selphy WiFi printer. 

I use the Becky Higgins app and either divide the 4x6 template into 2 (for 2 3x4 cards) or leave it as is for the 4x6.  But today- I was a bit of a rebel- and opened up the 6 square grid- the one that has 3 over 3 photos- and dragged my cards into the grid and adjusted the crop to capture the images I wanted. 

The cards on top are standard size printed on Photo Paper. Cool right? Buthow cute are they printed out in tiny square format? Why haven't I walked down this wild side before? 

Next, I opened up the template and dragged a few of my favorite photos in and printed them out in these tiny squares! #hiptobesqaure

They look adorable in my 4x4 Instagram album! (This one is by We R Memory Keepers) I really like scrapbooking in this format because I tend to it lets me focus on photos and a few phrases as opposed to lengthy journaling.  The mini books are just a collection a happy moments- the joy is the theme as opposed to any one event- so i can pop photos in there out of date order. I like how these pages turned out that I may just dedicate the album to happy shots of me and the boys. It's a great way to use up left over or not 12x12 worthy shots!  And now, I have ready to use elements for the pages just by exploring the journal  cards my digi stash!
I even used a few as embellishments for my Project Life page- see the square on top of the 3x4 blue card? Who new that you can add a different use to your cards just by thinking small?   *I used the MAMA BEAR Journal Cards for these spreads- they will be available in the ForeverJoy Shoppe on October 23. 
Hope this helps you look at your stash a little differently! Enjoy!

October 15, 2015

It's the GREAT HALLOWEEN SALE at ForeverJoy!

Ok- if you've been following along with me this month, I think it's no secret that I seriously love this time of year, especially Halloween! I have always loved spooky stories and all things supernatural, but I think what really draws me to feeling so happy this time of year is that it's just simple silly fun.  There's no pressure for shopping, no real budget busters, other than candy, no mandatory stuffy parties, no pressure to make it the most magical time of the year. Instead, the air is crisp, the leaves are bursting in full bloom, pumpkins flicker on every porch and everyone is in a great mood, laughing, spooking, and handing out candy! 

Today kicks off the official Halloween Bash at the shoppe- and not only is everything "tricky" on scary good sale  but there is tons of fun to be had at the Lilypad! There is a free kit with your purchase of $15 or more at the shoppe, a fun Instgram Loop where you can win a $31 gift certificate to the shoppe and lots of chats, scraps and inspiration! 

I've designed something NEW for the celebration to help stretch your holiday stash: a set of TEN 12x12 mats that can be used as cutting files or clipping masks! They are in PNG , SVG and DXF format- and I know you are going to love them! I couldn't help myself and made a few paper layouts, and the creative team went crazy over them using them in their digital scrapbooking!

Here are a few of the files cut out- I loved the fact that I could use my "B-List" stash papers as cut files- I had no guilt about making a few goofs and trying new techniques- and used up a few inches of my hoard  supplies.  You can read a little more about this liberation here. 
One of my favorite ways to use these files is as stencils for paint, mists and glitter!