March 26, 2015

Now in the Shoppe | CHIN UP

"No one ever said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it"
-H. MacKay
Joyful layouts can capture hard times, tough lessons and bad days. Because no matter what, your memory keeping should be genuine. Going a little deeper with your story, and describing the lesson learned, the battle won or that despite it all, there was someone there to make it a little better is what will add a dimension you will love to your memory keeping.

That is the back story of the CHIN UP collection. I wanted to create a design you could use for those everyday moments when it wasn't the "best day ever!" - because those little  stories are an important part of the big story we seek to capture and record. 

March 23, 2015

Tutorial | Creating Dramatic Shadows for Photos

Hi there! It's Monica here to show you an easy way to create more dramatic shadows for your photos.
One of my goals this year has is to work on improving my shadows. I typically don't like to spend an enormous amount of time on the details of my layouts, but I do love the look of more customized shadows.

This tutorial will show you how to create shadows that give your photos a somewhat "curled" look on your layouts.
In this layout, I wanted to give the photo of my twin girls together a bit more dramatic look than everything else on the page in order for it to really stand out. Let's first take a look at what this photo looked like without any shadow at all.

March 19, 2015

Tutorial | Canva Part 2 | Creating stacked Pocket Cards with shadows.

Hi all! Kinjal here again today! Happy March! I'm not sure about you guys but here in Asia, the weather is starting to warm up, but we're only a few weeks away from monsoon/rainy season. Bah humbug! I hope the weather wherever you are is starting to get better, especially if you're stateside with the recent amounts of snow.

Today, I wanted to go back to one of my favourite tools in my pocket scrapping arsenal and provide you with some more advanced things you can do with If you missed my first tutorial which is an introduction to Canva, and shows to make a Design A style page, have a look HERE.

This is a great way of creating a quick pocket page, but what if you want to add some dimension to your photos or customize your journal cards? We can do that in Canva too, including drop shadows.

March 17, 2015

Tutorial - Kit Paper Overlays

Hello fellow scrappers! It's Jenn, aka jk703, here today to share a fun idea and tutorial for your scrapbook layouts. We are going to give our photos a fun new look. Here is my layout, and I've used the gorgeous Birds of a Feather Kit.

First, open a picture that you will add to your layout in a bit. Here is my original image.  My happy-go-lucky, summer boys! I am scrapping this photo as we are about to get some more snow in NJ. Vicariously living and wishing here! :)

After you have your image open, you will now open a piece of paper, preferably a pretty pattern. Renne has oodles of wonderful textures and patterns in her kits - it's always so hard to decide which to use on my layout! Here is a snip pen of the one I chose from Birds of a Feather.

March 13, 2015

Now in the Shoppe | Birds of a Feather

I think we are safe to say that the cold days of winter behind us and Spring is more than a promise- but something we can actually feel a bit more each day! The sun is brighter, there are soft touches of color nudging up from the winter ground and bare branches ad the birds are filling mornings with a happy song! One of the first things I do when Spring is in the air is throw open the windows and let that beautiful fresh air in- and then- we start the Spring Cleaning! It's the one time no one really dreads chores because it's like the house gets a bright fresh feel when we are done and we can proudly sat, our nest is best!

The BIRDS OF A FEATHER  digital scrapbooking kit was designed to capture the sweet moments and memories shared with your peeps in the nest you call home- you'll find soft delicate colors like robin's egg blue and early spring green, heartfelt sentiments and beautiful patterns inside.

March 11, 2015

Thinking Outside the Box of Scrapbooking Kit Supplies

Last year, I entered the world of scrapbooking kit subscriptions - the real life paper-you-can-hold-in-your-hands kind. I know I happily live in a digital world of scrapping- but sometimes I like to get my hands literally dirty and cut and paste the old fashioned way.  And as manic as my schedule is- I find the best way to clear the last project form my mind and make room for new ideas is by tuning out and scraping away form my computer.

One of the things I love best is the day my kit arrives is unpacking it, discovering all it's possibility and then pulling photos to scrap with. But then, when the glue has dried and the layouts are tucked happily away in their little sleeves- I'm often left with about half a kit left to use for another project. What I've done in the past is neatly tuck my goodies back in their pretty packaging and label the kit name and date and file it away for future use. Nice and organized. Or so I thought.