July 3, 2015

Feel like some Pink Lemonade?

"when life gives you lemons, fins a friend with vodka and have a party!" 

Hello July! I am SO ready to slip into summer mode and slow down a bit- or at least keep up the fast pace with warm sunshine on my face- how about you?   I mixed up a batch of "bright and happy" with just a touch of sweetness:  PINK LEMONADE!  The collection premiers at the July BYOC in the ForeverJoy shoppe at 20% off list price today through July 5th!

I mixed in a little bit of "tart" with the sweet pinks- just to keep things fun!

June 26, 2015


Don't let the name fool you- the JOYFUL PLANNER is not what you might think of when you hear the words, "planner".  The word "planner" refers to you!- and the set includes printables that make your everyday planing more fun!

Here's what you'll unwrap in the July Collection: (All files come flattened on 8.5x11 sheets) July dated Notepaper, 2 full sheets of patterned paper,  1 perpetual calendar, 2 full sized sheets designed with 2 dividers on each half (the 2 sheets give you 4 designs) , 4 Note Cards, 2 Post It Templates (3x3 and 1.5x2)  2 Shopping Lists, 2 Menu Planning Sheets, 3 4x6 Cards (Month at a Glance, Photo Prompt and Week at a Glance) 1 easy to cut Banner, 10 strips of "washi", 1 Print and Cut Sheet in JPG, PDF and PNG format- perfect for use with your cutting machines and 1 sheet of easy to cut "Stickers" sized 2h x1.5w! With all these pretties- you're sure to become a "Joyful Planner

 Want a closer look at what's inside? Check out this video!

June 20, 2015

The Teen Years | Just Keep Laughing

Kimberly here with some thoughts and layouts about the teen years.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my teenagers. I'm in deep with them right now. My son is 18 and graduated from high school last week. My daughter just finished 10th grade and I am teaching her to drive. Overall, it's a stressful, anxiety provoking time. It's quite easy to let the strong emotions and feelings take over and forget to look for the joy in all this madness. Thankfully, Renne is one step ahead and is producing some perfect kits to help us see the fun and playful side of adolescence. She has produced two amazing kits that embrace the teen years.

Last year, she created THIS IS SCARY and I fell in love with it right away. This great kit and journal card set remind us how important it is to keep a sense of humor. When we get mired down in the challenges of raising teenagers, it's so hard to push pause and just enjoy this crazy time of life.

THIS IS SCARY | ForeverJoy Designs | The Lilypad
THIS IS SCARY {JC} | ForeverJoy Designs | The Lilypad

In the spirit of embracing the craziness, I have a few layouts with THIS IS SCARY. First up, not much is scarier than seeing your kids in the car together with one of them behind the wheel.

Life Will Never Be the Same | THIS IS SCARY | ForeverJoy Designs | The Lilypad

Furthermore, a mother-daughter relationship, is a wonderfully complex and maddening one. Here, with my photo-ham of a daughter, we are posing for pre-Homecoming photos. When I was her age, I was often mortified by my parents. What goes around comes around, right?

My Baby Became a Teenager | THIS IS SCARY | ForeverJoy Designs | The Lilypad

Just a few days ago, I made this layout for Mission Impossible Challenge over at The Lilypad. I must say, I had a ton of fun with his. This is so completely my life right now.

Parenting: Teen Edition | THIS IS SCARY | ForeverJoy Designs | The Lilypad

And now, Renne has once again spoken my truth with her newest teen kit. TEEN PARENT ZONE is the perfect kit to help us document this insanity we call adolescence. The Twilight Zone vibe is perfect for me too because I remember when I was a teenager, I loved watching the old black and white episodes on TV. Did you get a chance to watch the hilariously video Renne made?  Check it out here. I'll wait.

TEEN PARENT ZONE | ForeverJoy Designs | The Lilypad

I had a play with TEEN PARENT ZONE. I took a risk in my scrapping here. I put a photo of the disaster we call my son's bedroom. I usually post more edited real life moments but here I just went with the truth. The room drives me crazy. It's caused many fights over the years. Nevertheless, I have realized that this is him right now. I'm here to help him, but I'm done fighting. Don't tell my son, but as soon as he leaves for college (Thursday, August 20, 2015, not that I'm keeping track or anything), I am going into that room and gutting it.

Show No Fear | TEEN PARENT ZONE | ForeverJoy Designs | The Lilypad

Thanks for reading! I'd love to see your layouts featuring the perils and pitfalls of puberty!! Tag #joycreated in the ForeverJoy Designs Gallery at the Lilypad  and we'll keep an eye out for them!

June 19, 2015

Now in the Shoppe | THE TEEN PARENT ZONE

Imagine, if you will, a world where your mailbox is constantly flooded with college brochures, each threatening to take that sweet little child you once held away on a 4 year journey- only  to return them as an adult.  A world where you remember only yesterday securing your little creature in a car seat- and now you find yourself strapping on for dear life as they take the wheel. It is a dimension where your pockets will be empty and your worries elevated to pinnacles you doubt your sanity can barely stretch to accommodate. You once knew everything- and now know nothing. No longer cool or wise, you are barely tolerated and each eye roll reminds you of that cruel fact.

The signpost up ahead laughs at your plight and tells you- that once that 13th candle was blown out- you have now crossed over into the TEEN PARENT ZONE!

Want to know the secret to survival? You gotta laugh! This collection was designed as a sort of scrap therapy for parents of teens! What better way to get relief from teen angst than scrapping the drama in a lighthearted way?  And as a bonus- all those teen photo that have looks of disgust, eye rolls, mouths open in protest or blur from running from the camera- will work perfectly with the theme! How's that for revenge!?  As an added bonus- and sign of solidarity- the Journal Cards FREE with your purchase of the design this weekend!

June 16, 2015


It's no secret that I have fallen into a zone of fast changes- where all I once knew about parenting no longer applies, and each day brings a new plot twist.  I know many of you are trapped in this 5th dimension of parenting as well... we did not see the sign post up ahead, yet none the less have unwittingly crossed over into- the Teen Parent Zone!

The design will be coming to a screen near you this Friday- but let's have some fun first! There's a little Pre-screening party happening over at the Lilypad forum- you can WIN the design before it hits the shoppe by sharing your tales of teen terror in the Forum by clicking HERE!

June 9, 2015

Living and learning with Project Life ® | Month Five

June is here and I feel like I have made a heck of an achievement sticking with my Project Life book this year.  This is the longest I have stayed with it- and enjoyed it! I attribute this scrap happy feeling to several things:
I approach Project Life like a monthly round up as opposed to a weekly process. I just couldn't carve out time consistently each week- but I know after I wrap up my BYOC work for the month- I can decompress and work on my album. 

I pretty much only use my phone photos for the project. My "better big girl camera" photos are used for my traditional layouts.

During the month, I save photos I know I'll want to use to a folder on my phone called "Project Life" .  This cuts down on hunting when i get to work on my album.  I will often tinker with these photos and edit them a little during the month while waiting for the little guy to get out of school. It's really terrific having photos waiting for me- and it gives me an idea what size protectors I want to use for my layout.  I know if I have a lot of great 4x6 shots- Ill find pages that will highlight them.  If I have a ton of photos that tell a great story- I may choose lots of little pockets instead.  The less technical decision making I have when I sit down to my project- the less chance of paralysis analysis. 

I work with a 9x12 album. Not too small- not too big. I'm kind of in love. 

I also took an afternoon and color coded all my Project Life cards and papers. I can't tell you how much easier it makes pulling a cohesive layout together.  Once I have my photos on a page- I look to see what color I can pull from all of them- and my decision making, once again is happily narrowed down- which leaves me more time to have fun with the layout! 

Here are a few other lesson I learned this moth and wanted to share with you: