May 21, 2015

Now in the Shoppe | Your Biggest Fan

I have had a lot of requests for sports themed designs- and I mean a lot!  Heck, considering I spend almost every weekend on some field, or in a park - I wanted to design one for myself too! But the catch was- which sport? In this house we have played so many things at so many times- I could fill my hard drive with designs!

But then I got to thinking about how I really like telling the stories of the sporty shots I have- and while sometimes I give a basic recap of the day's events- most times the story is told from my perspective on the sidelines. How I feel- what I am witnessing- the behind the scenes drama of tears and practice and frustration and joy that really only I have a press pass to. I know how much it took to get my player to that moment in time- and I know what that look or victory or defeat means. Flipping the perspective to the sidelines seemed a great direction for a design- because while sports may change- my loyalty as their biggest fan- no matter what they are tackling, never does. I'll always be on the sidelines- cheering way out loud for all to hear- or giving a supportive look that only they can see.  These are the stories I hope you can tell with "Your Biggest Fan."

Upcoming Joy | Your Biggest Fan

May 18, 2015

Tutorial | Pattern Paper Cut Outs

Hi Everyone... this is Jenn (jk703) here today to share my Tutorial: Pattern Paper Cut Outs. it's a fun one, with heavy images, so you might want to let it load. I had to share a fun little take on the Swiss Cheese Technique. It takes that technique of cutting out shapes in a paper to see the layer behind just a little further.

For my examples, I've used Renne's perfectly spring "Love You More" kit! It is so bright, fresh and fun, I couldn't wait to use it for this tutorial! Here is my page... check out the paper with the circles cut out. We will make that today.

Every kit comes with oodles of paper, lovely patterns and this can be a hard decision when deciding on your background papers! Here is a way that you could mix and match them, add something new, or just give a pop to your layout.

May 13, 2015

A Few Fan Faves are Returning to the Shoppe!

I'm going to let you in on a manic little designer's secret.  EVERY kit is my favorite when it's fresh off the drawing board- So much thought, prep and work has gone into it making it just right- getting the colors and word art to compliment the theme- making sure it's workable on more than one level- with all that focus- how can you not be in love? And then.. the next design begins to take shape and my school girl crush focuses on someone else. So I guess you can say, all my designs are my favorite- but like we learn in the book Animal Farm, some are more favorite than others!  

This week, I brought three Fan Faves back to the ForeverJoy Shoppe.  If you are a long time fan, you'll know that I don't always do that. My style (and yours too!) has changed a bit, my bag of tricks has gotten bigger- and I am really selective about what gets to stay in the shoppe. I don't want your work to look dated because you use an older design- so there's alot of scrutiny happening on this end! But these Three designs have proven to be timeless- and so many of you have written to ask when they will come back to the shoppe because you missed them the first time around.

So- here they are- and at a terrific price during the SOSN one day sale at The Lilypad today. The Greetings From  Word Art has always had a special place in my digi heart- and I think I may have to design a sequel for you this summer! It's definitely work intensive to create- but I adore the fun touch it gives a layout!And with Graduations, stepping up ceremonies and family vacations just around the corner- I just had to bring back Life's Journey and Road Trip.

  Here's a look at the designs and a few layouts that still stand out to me:

May 11, 2015

Play with the CT | Make a Journal Cover!

Hello!  Terresa here to show you how I work with creative inspiration from a page layout.  I love to get the creative juices flowing when I am putting together a scrapbook page.  I often find that when I am working with elements and papers, other ideas of projects I could create come to mind.  Rise and Shine worked perfectly for this project.

May 7, 2015

Video Tutorial | Making the "love you more" Mini Book | by ForeverJoy

No design has ever generated as much fan mail as the "love you more" collection- and there were so many requests for a Mini Book (just in time for Mother's day!) that I had to hit the drawing board with this design one more time! 

Making the Mini Book is as simple as printing 3 sheets of pages on your favorite 8.5 x 11 card stock or photo paper, cutting a few strips, folding them up and then gluing them all together.  You can choose to add your photos and pretties in your photo editing program before you print it out- or go old school and glue it all down after the main pages are printed! you don't even need a photo editing program, since all files and directions also come in PDF format. Not that I'm encouraging anyone to print and scrap on work time- but um... the temptation could be satisfied is all I'm sayin'!

I made a book as a Mothers Day gift for me! and filmed a  quick Tutorial Video to walk you through the assembly steps on my YouTube Channel. ( If you are not yet a subscriber- I encourage you to hit that "subscribe" button so you will never miss a video release. Also- it feels nice to be loved!  )