September 25, 2015

Stretch Your Stash! | Easy Peasy Digital Scrapbooking Recoloring Tutorial

Hello to everyone out there! Hope you are enjoying your September so far! This year is flying by so fast. This is Jenn, jk703, here to bring you a pretty fun way to recolor things easily!  Yes, an EASY recoloring tutorial! (I like easy, especially with lots of pictures!)

I'm used Renne's Hello Fall kit for my images and tutorial. I've also used a Scrapping with Liz template, September in Review. Renee's kit is an absolute must have kit for fall, yet very versatile for other moments throughout the year. My layout is actually for spring - or almost spring, lol! Here it is:

Today, I will show you how to use the Color Replacement Tool, which is located within the Brush Tool. Simply put, this really is an easy way to recolor easily and without a lot of time.

Here is my current layers palette. I have the blue set of leaves open, and will change it's color! I'm secretly a magician... not! lol! :)

Before we actually start changing things, you will want to click on the foreground and background colors. The Color Replacement Tool uses the foreground color. Here, you can see it is an olive green... which happens to match the paper in my layers palette. Imagine that?! All you have to do to change the color is click on the foreground color box, and the Color Picker will pop up!

Also, as I mentioned, you will want to have the Color Replacement Tool chosen from within the Brush Tool. Here it is: 

Here is the menu bar of available options when I chose the Color Replacement Tool.
My brush is on the harder side, and at a size of 253. This can be changed to see what works with whatever item you are recoloring.

Color is the most basic choice for Mode - that is what we will use. Strongest color change. Hue can be used as well, but the effect is a little more subtle. Saturation can be used if you want to change the color to gray.

One of the most important parts of the menu bar is the Limits. Contiguous will replaces the color of nearby pixels that have the sampled foreground color. Discontiguous will replace the color of the pixels containing the sampled color, whether or not they’re nearby. Choose Contiguous.

Tolerance is important for the range of spectrum the color will encompass. A higher number means a larger color sample, while a lower number means the range is smaller and closer to the foreground color. I usually use between 25% and 40%, depending on the element, shadows and lighting.

September 22, 2015

Sharing CT Secrets of Mixing & Matching Kits

Hi all, Kimberly here! I have been part of the creative team at ForeverJoy for sometime now- and have to say, one reason I always enjoy working with my ForeverJoy stash is there is a message behind them that resonates with me: joy. Joy in the every day moments. Joy in the extraordinary. Joy in challenging moments that test us. By "pressing pause" we can appreciate the significance of all these moments. Life is busy and it's exceptionally easy to race through our days, weeks, months, and years without recognizing the small moments.

My daughter is a junior in high school now. I'm very aware of the short time left I have with her at home. She's my baby girl. And I want to remember these moments before she's gone and my memory fades. I created two layouts (so far) to celebrate her first varsity football game as a cheerleader. She's been cheering for football since 6th grade, but this game was a big deal for the juniors (and seniors too since it's the first football game of their senior year). I chose to name it "#pushpause."

#pushpause by enjoyyourpix using ForeverJoy Designs available at the Lilypad

#pushpause page 2 by enjoyyourpix using ForeverJoy Designs available at the Lilypad

I posted these layouts in the creative team forum for Fiddle Dee Dee (the template creator) and someone asked me what kit it was. She was on the look out for cheer kits too. I chuckled because I couldn't give her a kit name because ForeverJoy kits just beg to be mixed and matched. Renne's over arching theme of ForeverJoy and #joycreated just beg the scrapper to pull from their stash.  When I answer, I said I used my ForeverJoy catalog.

Here's how I got started. I knew I had a ton of photos and I wanted to be able to tell the story of the game somewhat chronologically. I love a clean design but I have a weakness for clusters.

September 17, 2015

New in the Shoppe | Hello Fall

It's cliche, I know- but truly Autumn is my most very super favorite time of the year! (Are you feeling my love here?) Yes- I adore  summer vacation because of the slow down it brings- but ahh- Fall weather here in new York- the changing leaves, cozy sweaters, late night fires on the deck, weekend runs to the Cider Mill- and yes! Pumpkin everything! 

It's that energy and joy I wanted to capture in the Hello Fall design. It's full of color and woolly felts and cozy knits and sweet woodland critters. The collection premiers in the ForeverJoy shoppe at 20% off list price today through Sunday evening- and the Journal Cards FREE with your purchase. 

September 7, 2015

Shadowing Tutorial | Rocking the Outer Edges

Hi Everyone! This is Jenn, jk703, here visiting with you to share one of my own shadowing techniques. Here is the page that I am going to use for example images. I've used Renne's gorgeous August BYOC goodies - Night Lights Pretties and Night Lights Papers.

When I started scrapping, I was coming from a paper card making and scrapping background. Making a page and adding shadows were a huge focus when I was a beginner digital scrapper. Many digital scrappers seem to have the same focus. I didn't want things to float on my page, or even the shadows to be too dark and unrealistic. I was also looking at shadows and how things actually "lay" on my screen as if they are on paper.

September 6, 2015

NEW in the shop | DONUT WORRY

Hello September! Last week, the September JOYFUL PLANNER hit the shoppe full of sweet donuts and bold lattes (because couldn't we all use some comfort foot and caffeine at back to school time?! ) So many of you guys wrote and asked that the design be carried over to a page kit- I had to make you happy! So, the theme was carried over to this month's BYOC in a fun cheekt design called DONUT WORRY! I'm loving the way the Creative team used this design- of course it's a terrific kit to showcase all those photos of sweets and cuppas- but it's also about kicking back and putting things in proper perspective. There may be a latte to do - but donut worry-you'll get it all done- just like you always do!

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