May 6, 2016

NEW in the Shop! | FLIP FLOP

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!  How awesome to have a time set aside to celebrate this awesome memory keeping hobby we love! And while banks, businesses and the stock market may be open today- we know that this is REAL, baby!  To celebrate- the entire ForeverJoy shoppe will be 30% off- and there are terrific Buy-More Save More savings as well as a HUGE collab which is your gift with any $15.00 or more purchase from the shoppe!

I have also designed a FUN NEW Collection called " FLIP FLOP" for the BYOC! Memorial Day and summer weather is just around the corned here in NYC- and when I was at the drawing board it hit me that some of my favorite summer photos are not necessarily at any special local, but are most often the simple, chillaxin' everyday times that are more often than not spent in flip flops!  That  bright cheery vibe worked its way onto my drawing board, and it makes me just smile out loud! 

April 28, 2016

PLAN YOUR JOY | Hello Beautiful Edition

Hello Friends! Ready to Plan some JOY?

A good day is the sum of lots of tiny decisions, from the meals you plan, the tasks you complete and the ones you let go of, and the things you decide to make a priority,  joy is yours for the taking. Grab on to it with both hands by directing your days, and not just letting them tumble byYou don't have a good day, you make it.   That's the mission of my new planner designs, PLAN YOUR JOY.

Why choose the PLAN YOUR JOY designs?  Each piece in a collection is purposefully designed to:
  • Make planning easy- not overwhelming. 
  • Identify the hot spots of chaos in the everyday, and provide a way to manage them. 
  • Allow you to color outside the lines of a planner. The design is broken into 2 parts- the Desk Set and the Planner Pretties. The Desk Set lets you brain dump, cross off, make mistakes, call audibles and work out a rough draft of the plan you commit to in your planners.
  • Make planning an extension of your creative side with designs that will make you smile each time you sit down to take control of your day.
  • Put Function first, Form second. (And make sure the Form was super pretty!) 
  • Bottom line: No guilt, no stress, low cost and fun to use!  

So many fans asked for the Hello Beautiful Collection to be translated into a planner design- that I had to give it a go- and I'm so glad I did!  The result is a soft, versatile design that compliments so many planning systems!  And with May just a few days away- the timing is perfect!  And with National Scrapbooking Day just around the corner, I wanted to be sure you didn't miss out on the savings that will be offered that day- so, this design is being offered at the NSD price today!
Watch the unboxing video on my YouTube Channel by clicking here!

April 27, 2016

On the Drawing Board | April 27

Hi all! There is a lot happening behind the scenes here as the entire shop gears up for Digital Scrapbooking Day celebrations that are set to start on May 6! There will be terrific savings and lots of fun, games and challenges as well as new designs and a few door buster 50% off  one day sales too! I'll be sending out two newsletters next week to be sure you don't miss any of these deals.  If you don't already receive my newsletter, this is a terrific time to join- just fill out this simple form. 

Part of the fun is a free collab the designers at the Pad have put together for you all- you can check out & download my gift to you here- and visit the other designers blogs to collect the coordinating parts!

And, as April winds down, and we get set to plan out another month- I answered so many of your requests and designed a Plan Your Joy collection based on the Hello Beautiful design.  It will open at the shoppe on Thursday, April 28, and be offered at the DSD sale price- so you can be sure you are getting a terrific deal!

One I wrap up a planner design, I like to print and cut each file to be sure that it's not only pretty- but practical as well.  I want to be sure each piece should have a purpose, and adds a little something extra special to your everyday planning. Here's a peek at some of the fun I had with the new design:

I worked with the new design as well as a few pretties form the Hello Beautiful Page kit and set up my May calendar- I loved the result! 
See you soon!

April 26, 2016

Welcome to the Lilypad NSD Blog Hop!

Welcome to the ForeverJoy Designs stop on the Life Is An Adventure Blog Hop brought to you by the designers at the Lilypad!  We have all been busy at the drawing boards getting ready for National Scrapbooking Day on May 7th- and we wanted to bring the fun to you a little early with Part One of our collaborative design, Life Is An Adventure!

Life Is An Adventure Part One FREE downloads are available today through May 3rd. Make sure you hop through all 25 blogs and then watch for Life Is An Adventure Part Two in the shop as a special Free With Purchase on NSD, May 7th, during the Lilypad Storewide Sale and Forum Party. 

There is so much that will be going on these next few days, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss any news about sales, exclusive subscriber offers and freebies.

You can download my part of the Life Is An Adventure Blog Hop by clicking the preview image below.  Your download will be automatic. Then, scroll down for your link to the next blog!  Enjoy! 

April 16, 2016

Journal Cards Aren't JUST for Journaling!

Hi Everyone! This is Jenn, jk703, here to bring you a couple tips today! Digital scrapping has been a part of my life for the last 6 years! Wow, that seems like a super long time, when I think about it!

Over time, there are many things that change, become trendy or fade out. One thing that has stuck around, and will continue to stick around is pocket scrapping. I'm going to share a 'not so secret' secret about me. I am not a pocket scrapper. There. I said it. Are you?! If you are, then there are so many cool options for your pages, and so many wonderful, fun and cool journal cards out there! If you are not, then this might be a great post for you to read!

At first, I always wondered, what the heck and I supposed to do with a pack of journal cards? I was stumped, and not too thrilled. Well, I had a light bulb moment awhile back, and found the most awesome way to use them! Today, I'm going to share some tips for you to use them. These tips and ideas are very simple, but could totally change how you look at them for your pages.

Here is a recent page that I made that uses Cottage Chic Journal Cards, Cottage Chic Patches, and then a few pieces of the Cottage Chic Kit. I also used Lynn Grieveson's Sharpshooter Album. The journal cards are in their traditional squares and rectangular shapes, but a little different than the actual journal cards as packaged. I used 2 journal cards on the matting behind the flower, and I grabbed just the words that I needed for "Sweet Home" from another journal card.

Journal cards do not have to be just for journaling. They can be for decoration, filling a space, making elements, word art, and so much more. When you are working on Photoshop, using the Magic Wand Tool can really change them up!

1. Make an Element - Use the Magic Wand Tool to take out parts of the card, like the popcorn below. I removed the white space, and now I have a paper popcorn piece! I also selected the little yellow film wheel and duplicated it, and created a new element. 

2. Make a Frame - Use the Magic Wand Tool to take out a section that is within the borders of the journal card. Perfect for the yellow film wheel card that says "here's how I see it!" Instant frame! 

3. Make Word Art - Use the Magic Wand Tool on the words themselves and duplicate and you will create your own word art. Use it on the surrounding parts of the journal cards, and you've created word art cut outs! Pretty cool - just look at the Side by Side or These Are journal cards! 

4. Talk Bubbles - Use the magic tool, select the talk bubble, inverse the selection, and then delete the surrounding part of the journal card. Then you have a new talk bubble! Perfect for the Truth Told card.

The Magic Wand Tool is very useful when changing up your journal cards! Remember to select all the spots that you want to remove or change. If you done, you can re-do or step back and do it again! 

My example image below uses Cottage Chic Journal Cards, Chin Up Journal Cards, and Enjoy the Ride Jounral Cards! Renee has a whole slew of other journal cards in her shop, just in case you want to check them out: HERE! 

Here is a little graphic that I put together to show you quickly how you can totally change up journal cards to fit your scrapping needs. 

Remember, you might see journal cards because that is how they are presented to you. Look at the details, can you take them a step further and make more out of them! I bet you can! 

Hoping you now have a new way to stretch your stash! 
Thanks for visiting! 
Jenn Marione | jk703

April 9, 2016

New in the Shoppe | Hello Beatiful

It's not often you see cacti and succulents blooming on a scrapbook page- so I thought I'd share a little bit of the backstory with you.

Here in NYC, its Spring- but not really.  The trees have a few blooms, and there are tiny crocus pushing through on the borders of the front lawns on my block- but there is still a cold snap in the air.  We just had snow a few days ago and there is a freeze warning almost every night, so it's definitely too early to bring anything home for my back deck, except maybe for some pansies. But oh! how my heart is longing to see some colorful blooms! So, I went to the local nursery for a "flower-fix" and was all set to bring home some tulips or daffs, but instead, fell head over heels with the tray of tiny succulents- all in a sweet little row, with gorgeous understated colors, geometric precision and a beauty all their own.  

Those greens and blue, and crazy pops of pink had me head over heels in love! This latest crush, as all my crushes inevitably do, found a place on my drawing board- and so the BEAUTIFUL YOU collection came to be. 

It's being introduced in the ForeverJoy shoppe at 20% off list price today through Sunday evening- and the Journal cards will be offered as a gift with your purchase of the page kit.  

Wondering how you can work these pretties into your layouts? Here are some examples of how the had fun with this kit: