December 3, 2013

In a Galaxy far, far away....

I have a little story about droids, love and fate that I'd like to share with you. First, you need to know that Star Wars is BIG in this house. It has been for about 13 years now and I think its in the genes.  My big guy Ryan loved it (back when there was only Luke) and now Liam has caught the bug.  I am as well versed in all things Jedi as I am in Photoshop.  And, maybe its the hopeless romantic in me, but I see it as destiny that our kids love Star Wars this much.   It all can be traced back to 1977...
1977 was a crazy year in NYC.  I was 10 and it may be the year I remember best from my childhood.   I can remember very well the subway cars that we would take into the city - they were always hot, not very safe (we would always try and sit in a car with police officers in it) , and they were a big scribbled mess of graffiti- 

It was the year Son of Sam terrorized the city, and as a brown haired girl, I was truly afraid that he would find me and make me his next victim. It may be the first time I could put a real face on the bogyman.  The sketches in the paper looked like so many men I would see in the neighborhood- and I remember how we cut short our after dinner walks that summer out of fear and actual advisement from the radio stations. 

It was also the year of the city-wide blackout in NYC.  In my little neighborhood in Brooklyn, it was a night of fun. The children all played in front of our brownstones with our noisy metal wheeled roller skates and  elaborate games of tag while the grownups sat on the stoops trying to escape the heat of our apartments.  The ice cream store gave away all their ice cream- since it was going to be melted in the morning anyway, and in the heavy heat of that summer night someone opened the fire hydrant so we could cool off- it was like Christmas! And as our transistor radios told a different story of looting and crime just across the river in NYC- I realized that night how very special my little neighborhood was... 

And, once upon a time (May, 1977), in a galaxy I knew as Manhattan, Star Wars premiered. It was only playing in NYC- and my dad decided we should make the train ride in and see it.  I dont know why the movie struck him, he wasn't much of a Sci-Fi guy, and I don't remember being too enthralled with the ads- but the idea of going into the city to one of the fancy theaters was too much too turn down. So, off we went.  The theater was huge- balconies and carpeting and chandeliers... I can remember distinctly going with my dad to get the popcorn...  and this is where fate kicks in.  At that very theater, on that very opening day, there was a young boy working his first job behind that refreshment counter.  (I'd like to think he served us. In the movie of my life, this could be an opening scene...)  That boy was to be my husband 16 years later.  I like to think the Force had something to do with it and that's why we have two boys who beg to start their Holidays like this....

Happy December! Its a time of Holidays, family and fun and I wish you all of the very best! May the Force be with you!


  1. Love your "holiday" story RenneMarie!

  2. Waw, I'm glad I came to read this Renne, it reads like a book! Love that picture of those children playing in the water. It makes me want my kids could play like that to with so many friends. Is it yours this picture? Oh, and your love story, it could indeed make a true love story. I would defintely come and watch it! xxx

    1. :) Thanks! NO- I wish I had photos of back then- but those were the days when you actually had to buy film and take it to be developed lol! I need to find a few and I'll post them later... but thank goodness for the internet to fill the gaps in my photo albums ;)

  3. What a wonderful story - some "force" was definitely working!