Now in the Shoppe | Halloween Treats!

October is only a few days away- but Halloween has been on my mind for weeks! I adore this time of year- and its pure fun and playfulness has made it one of my most favorite holidays! (Christmas- Mama will always love you best!) Halloween is just so easy! There are no gift lists (other than bags of candy-) no stressful gatherings or functions and the weather is always wonderful!  Luckily, my little guy is still small enough to Trick-or-Treat- and even better- he doesn’t like nuts in his chocolate- which means all the Snickers and Almond Joys are for me! -And the white tootsie rolls- those babies are priceless!
All this joy has of course carried over to my drawing board, and I’ve stocked the shoppe with lots of holiday treats (the Tricky Pennants are truly a favorite of mine- I love designing them so much- I promise- there are sure to be more to come for other Holidays!) If you are a newsletter subscriber- be sure to check your inbox for a little as-always savings I put in your goodie bag! If you’re not sign up yet- its easy to join the fun at the bottom of this page!
I actually had some fun with this kit myself- making these layouts has really put me in the holiday spirit 🙂 I feel a trip to the pumpkin patch coming in out very near future….
artwork by ellent
ps: have you noticed the new style in the blog design? let me know what you think!


what joy will you create today?


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