Welcome 2015 and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I adore New Year’s for the simple reason that it is so full of possibility! It’s the perfect time to reflect- take stock and decide what you’d like to fine tune, delete or embrace. I am working on my post for my 2015 “one little word” – and it really didn’t fall together for me until I finished up this new design- (that will make sense to you once you see my word!)  I’ll be sharing it with you all here in a day or so- and would love to hear if you have chosen a “little word” as well. 

I came across a quote last week about writing the best story we can on the 365 pages we have each year… it’s a new year- and we are blessed with these blank pages that can hold unlimited possibilities! That sentiment spilled onto my drawing board this week- and I designed UNWRITTEN-a collection named after (& embracing the spirit of) one of my favorite songs, “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingflield.

I love the neutral tones and little pops of vibrant color in this design- black, white, kraft and gold foil- and really had fun designing the word art. I don’t know about you – but for me- reading a positive set of words can really put me in a great frame of mind! 










what joy will you create today?

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