Tutorial | Creating Your Own Pretty Paper Flower

See that paper flower? That’s what we will learn to make today!

Hello everyone! We’re starting off the 2015 year with cool products, challenges and now, a fun tutorial! It’s my first post for Forever Joy and I am exceptionally excited! My name is Jenn out in digiland, though you might know me as jk703 around the forums.
For today’s post I have used the  ForeverJoy Unwritten Collection in the January BYOC at the Lilypad! Yay! Check them out if you haven’t – the colors are so versatile, and you can add so many pops of color to match any of your photos.  I love flowers and lots of them, but I have two boys! Sometimes there are beautiful kits out there, but they have flowers in the pinks, purples or other girlish colors. So, I make some paper flowers for my boyish pages. I’m going to share with you ideas for how to making some paper flowers, layering them, and some tips for adding them to your layouts and pocket pages. Take a look at the final product here:

First, I’m going to use the Custom Shape tool. It is a sub-tool, within the Shape tool, and closest to the bottom, with the funky star shape symbol.
Next, you will click on the super tiny triangle on the right side of the tool’s menu bar, near the word “Shape.” You will see all the shapes that you have loaded. We will be working with the Nature Shapes, particularly the flowers. If you need to load the shapes, just click on (another, lol) super tiny triangle toward the right of the shapes. A menu will appear, and just choose nature. If you get the option of how you want to load your shapes, I always choose Append, so it adds it to the list, rather than replacing the whole list.



Here is a picture of the nature shapes that I loaded. I will be using the flower shapes on the second to last line for my paper flower making.
Let’s begin. Once you click, and choose your shape, you will click and drag within your layout. The shape will become it’s own layer, like this below.
Once I have one shape, I will make 2 more copies. You can rename the flower layers if you like. I did after, to Shape 1, Shape 2 and Shape 3. So original there, right? 🙂 After I created the flowers layers, I turned off being able to “see” them so I didn’t click on the wrong layer. Then I clipped a paper onto the first layer of the flower.
Just in case you don’t know how to clip a paper, here is how:
Bring a paper into Photoshop or PSE, and you will want it to be the layer right above the shape. Then you just right click on the paper, and choose Make Clipping Mask. It will clip itself to the shape. In the image below, my paper is clipped, and I know this because the arrow is pointing to the shape below.


So, my first shape has some pretty pattern paper clipped to it and then I added a shadow style. I add my shadows as I go, so I can compensate for distance, and darkness when other layers are placed on top.
Looks pretty plain, right? Let’s pretty it up some more. We’ve got two more layers.


I’ve gone ahead here and added my paper, and a shadow style to the second flower layer. Then I selected both the paper and the flower shape in the Layers Palette, and using the Move tool, I shrunk the layers to about 80% and then rotated a little. Center them up and we move onto the third flower layer.


The third layer is about 60% shrunk, tilted some more, clipped another paper and added my shadow style. Looks neat with all the different layers, right? I love the mixing of patterns, you never get the same flower twice. Well, if you want to, you can duplicate the flowers and get the same exact flower. That’s the beauty of digital!



For the last little tidbit on this flower, I added a button element and shadow style from the Unwritten Pretties.  It’s really looking good now. All those patterns and layers look great! You could even do the same pattern paper or solid paper for every layer, maybe a bevel edge too! So many ideas!



Here is what my Layers Palette looks like with the papers, shapes, and button. You can merge all the layers to one, but I prefer to leave separate, just in case I want to change out a paper or fudge the shadows a little more.

Here are a couple of ideas of where and how you can use the new paper flowers on your layouts and in your pocket pages.
Some journal cards have images or pictures on them that are wonderful, but sometimes don’t fit with the layout that I’m working on. Cover them up! Here is one of the Unwritten Journal Cards that I’ve covered up the saying and left the doodle and card around it.


Shrink all the layers of your flower, adjust the shadows and add them to the journal cards. This would fit into the pocket layouts and give this pockets a little depth.



You can use different flower shapes, and then add different elements too. For this one, I’ve used paper  layers for the first 2 flower layers and then added a flower as the center. That flower already had a center, so it was a perfect addition.
Taking that same flower and placing it on the journal card, just fills a space. it could be centered, or even on one of the edges if you wanted to add a little writing.
Here is what I created. I switched up some of the paper, but it is essentially the three paper layered flower. I love how it turn out, and my son was watching me scrap — oohing and aaahing  — then we were giggling! Mission accomplished – paper flowers and #joycreated. 🙂
Hoping you learned a couple things to try out today! Paper is underrated, and you can do so much with it for so many things. We’ve checked off flowers on that list, lol!
Have a great day, and thank you for visiting.
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what joy will you create today?


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