Mix Tape

I can’t believe I am already flipping a calendar page into the second month of this year- and it’s BYOC time again at the Lilypad!  Earlier on the blog, I described my choice of author as my “one little word”  for 2015: taking responsibility for the story I would like to read this year by writing it one day at a time.  I have been so happy with this change in mindset that it seems to have spilled out onto my drawing board! I think it works perfectly with this hobby we love- because each layout we make is really a story we author- it is joy we create ourselves- This is why so many of the ForeverJoy layouts you see shared have the hash tag #JOYCREATED.  
Last month, we focused on #JOYCREATED by authoring your own joy. This month- being full of all sorts of love and kisses- I thought it would be fun to focus on how important is is to make ourselves happy- so that we can share those hugs and smooches freely with the ones we love. You know the saying- if mama aint happy, aint no one happy? Well, that’s the gist of “filling your own bucket”- You have to have a full bucket before you can share with others- otherwise you just get all cranky and resentful scraping at the bottom of an empty tin! “Filling up” will mean different things to all of us- it could mean a cup of coffee before everyone wakes up- a run to recharge, or singing way out loud to a favorite song in the car on the way to do errands. It’s the stuff that makes you smile- that you do just for you. ForeverJoy team diva Kimberly has a fun challenge up for the month of February that plays well with this theme- you can check it out here.

MIX TAPE captures that spirit- it’s a fun out loud design that celebrates your special voice- and the joy you create when you share it- whether in song or actions! Being a child of the -dare- I say- 70’s and 80s- I gave homage to the awesome cassette tape- and those big radios we really did carry around! I don’t think there was ever a more tangible example than creating joy than giving some one you cared about a mix tape you made just for them!

I hope you enjoy this MIX TAPE I have made for you- and that it helps you push play, pause and rewind on your special moments and helps in sharing your #JOYCREATED. (As always- ForeverJoy newsletter subscribers get a bundled value price on new releases- if you’d like to sign up- there’s a link at the bottom of this page.)











what joy will you create today?

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