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Hi all, Kimberly here! I have been part of the creative team at ForeverJoy for sometime now- and have to say, one reason I always enjoy working with my ForeverJoy stash is there is a message behind them that resonates with me: joy. Joy in the every day moments. Joy in the extraordinary. Joy in challenging moments that test us. By “pressing pause” we can appreciate the significance of all these moments. Life is busy and it’s exceptionally easy to race through our days, weeks, months, and years without recognizing the small moments.
My daughter is a junior in high school now. I’m very aware of the short time left I have with her at home. She’s my baby girl. And I want to remember these moments before she’s gone and my memory fades. I created two layouts (so far) to celebrate her first varsity football game as a cheerleader. She’s been cheering for football since 6th grade, but this game was a big deal for the juniors (and seniors too since it’s the first football game of their senior year). I chose to name it “#pushpause.”



I posted these digital scrapbooking layouts in the creative team forum for Fiddle Dee Dee (the template creator) and someone asked me what kit it was. She was on the look out for cheer kits too. I chuckled because I couldn’t give her a kit name because ForeverJoy kits just beg to be mixed and matched. Renne’s over arching theme of ForeverJoy and #joycreated just beg the scrapper to pull from their stash.  When I answer, I said I used my ForeverJoy catalog.
Here’s how I got started. I knew I had a ton of photos and I wanted to be able to tell the story of the game somewhat chronologically. I love a clean design but I have a weakness for clusters.
I selected this template and it worked great for the first two photos I picked of my daughter and a couple teammates. The template is Fiddle Dee Dee’s FussFree You Can Quote Me That. She is guesting at the Lilypad this month.



I have a Mac and I copied all the kit previews to the folders so I can just scroll through my Finder and look for colors. The team colors are Black and Red so my eyes are looking for that along with some nice neutrals. I’m also on the lookout for good embellishments/word art.


I had no problem finding things I loved. Here’s what I loaded up in PSE. Thank goodness for the photo bin at the bottom. I do have Creative Cloud Photoshop, but I haven’t been willing to switch up my work flow.  Yes, I am the first to admit I have an obsessive love of all things ForeverJoy.

I made the commitment of adding something/anything to the page and got started.

As the layout progressed, I found a few colors here and there that I wanted to adjust. They were pretty simple fixes with adjustment layers. You can see here that the “Let’s Go” embellishment is outlined in a lovely mint green. Normally that’s a-ok, but here I wanted to tone it down.

All I did was clip an adjustment layer to the embellishment (see right panel) and de-saturate and darken the green channel. It made it gray and a better match for the colors on my layout. Using the channels let me preserve the red and only change the green.


I did want to highlight a kit that made strong appearances in my layouts. GRIDIRON has the awesome vintage players and football pretties. Not to mention the cool field/grass paper strip.


GRIDIRON by ForeverJoy Designs | available at the Lilypad
The other kits that contributed to this layout were 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL, AMOUR, BASICS {months}, BASICS {neutral}, BASICS {storytelling}, CAPTURED, GRIDIRON, LIVING COLOR, MIX TAPE, ROAD TRIP, YOUR BIGGEST FAN, and probably a couple other things that I accidentally clipped adjustment layers to before I noted the kit. Oops!
My message for today … have scrappy fun! Mix and match your digiscrap goodies and take some time to #pushpause and celebrate the joy in your life. Until next time ..
– Kimberly


what joy will you create today?

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