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Behind the drawing Board | Getting (emotionally) ready for college

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Β I’m a the type of person that is pretty easy to read. Β Pretty much because I leave a trail of emotional breadcrumbs all over my art boards and will pretty much spill out my heart to all who care to indulge me πŸ˜‰

These days, I have been very mindful that in just 2 turns of the calendar page, my older guy will be starting college. Β One day I will be on cloud nine with excitement for all the wonderful stories and journeys he is about to have- and the next, I may be hurting a bit for my little boy lost. And, lets be honest, a few days I have an inner madwoman raging inside who wants to squash the teen beast that cant seem to put clean clothes in his drawer- let alone a separate pile away from the filthy ones on his floor. I am, to say the least a multifaceted emotional mess- but it all comes from a place of love, right?

This week, while at my drawing board I was definitely feeling the love for the new adventure we are about to embark on as a family. Β Hidden in the design (called LOST AND FOUND) is a message of enjoying the journey, even if you don’t really know where its going to lead you. Β Getting happily lost is an awesome way to find things! So, even though we have been writing hundreds of lists as we get ready for school- I wanted my guy to know it’s absolutely fine not to plan for everything- and to know that sometimes the side roads have the best views- to be an adventurer, a happy, enthusiastic, live in the moment with eyes wide open adventurer the next few months- and to encourage my little guy to hold on tight to the wonder he has. It’s the joy of youth- for sure, and I don’t think you can ever grow too old for it!

It’s not often I make the time to play with my designs during their premier, because there is just so much “business” to take care of in their release. Β But this design had my heart- and scrapping is cheaper than therapy! here are a few layouts I made-


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