Unboxing the JOYFUL PLANNER | McIntosh Edition

Hi guys! So many of you have dropped me a note asking for a return of the JOYFUL PLANNER collection– I’ve decided to make it  a regular design in the shop- starting this month!

Say hello to the JOYFUL PLANNER | McIntosh Edition Desk set!

You’ve told me what you like best is that it’s more than a way to just decorate your calendars- it goes “off road” as a desk set that you’ve come to love!

So, I took a new look at the design, at the habits and tools I personally find useful with my planners- and made a few tweaks. I’ve got to say- I LOVE how it turned out- and how you’ll watch the unboxing video below  to see what I mean!

Inside are all the things you’ve come to love, the Printable month, day and week planners, the sweet notecards, the menu planner and shopping lists and some new goodies as well!

  • *A Goal Tracker and Reality Check list
    *wallpapers for your tech devises so they can match your planners!
    *Over a HUNDRED stickers– because hey! Pretty matters!

Here’s what one fan, Jen said after working with it:

I printed all 4 stickers sheets onto white sticker paper and used my Silhouette to cut them out … but they are really easy to just fussy cut with a pair of scissors too!

Love the extra printables in the Desk Set:
~I’m using the Meal planner sheet with the grocery list to keep track of what we need to buy and ideas for meals for the upcoming weeks
~I love the Habit Tracker! I will be using that to track my weight throughout the month … motivate myself to stay on track of my water intake & healthy eating routine!
~and the big List sheets are pretty … and so awesome for random list making as well as to jot down other “To Buy” items for the month.

***And after printing the 4 sticker sheets that are included, I have enough leftover stickers for decorating at least 4 more weekly spreads plus my monthly spread.

September … I am ready for you!

Take a look at her awesome planner pages:


The Creative team also had fun with the collection in their digital scrapbooking layouts:


You can check out the video unboxing here:

what joy will you create today?


  1. So so so glad you brought back the planner sets! Thank you for making every day tasks like meal planning, grocery shopping, and keeping up with all the family stuff pretty again!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the planner sets! My favourites are all the prettifying stickers and the ‘Numbered’ page – I have printed loads of these – they have been so useful for all sorts of things. One thing I love to put in my planner is a colouring page – just something to doodle when I have a spare few minutes. This month I have printed the black and white page from your ‘Hello Fall’ kit. I would love to see something similar included in future planner kits! Thanks again x

    • Kate! I’m so glad to hear you are having fun with the Joyful Planner- and HOW COOL to add coloring pages to yours! What a great way to get even more fun out of it! 😉 It’s got me thinking for sure…. Thanks for dropping a line!


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