Scrap Happy | Winter Layouts

How about a roundup of a few tricks to scrapbooking winter memories that will make your layouts as awesome as those glorious summer, bright spring and rich Autumn pages?

First- lets start with the photos-

I used to try and protect my camera from the cold when I went outside to take winter photos.  I guess it’s the mother instinct in me? But I’ve learned that bringing the camera from the warmth of my inside pocket to out where the action is can lead to fogging up of the lens. Which isn’t fun.  So best advice- just keep your camera in your hands when you go out to catch the action.

However, when you get inside, be sure to give your camera time to get back to room temp before opening it up.

Also- keep in mind-if you are taking photos with your phone- you do need to keep that protected from the cold.  Severe temperatures can not only drain the batteries very quickly- it can damage the phone.  It’s best to keep it tucked in an inside pocket. Spare camera batteries tend drain faster in the cold- so keep those in a toasty inside pocket too.

Also- quick tip! I’ve learned that those pocket disposable hand warmers used with gloves that let the fingers pop out are awesome for when I’m outside taking photos!

Watch your colors! Snow can often read blue in photos. Other than using a grey card to adjust your white balance- you may want to slightly over expose your settings outside to be sure to capture the whites. If it’s too bright, you can always tone it down when you edit your photos.  It’s also a good idea to increase your blacks in your photo editing- because these can get washed out in snow photos.

If all else fails- and you still don’t love the cast of your winter photos? Edit them to black and white and pump up the contrast. Bonus! This cool black and white contrast can play really nicely with your scrapbooking supplies! Check out how awesome the bumped up contrast looks in this layout!


One you get your photos- it’s time to play! 

Let’s face it- lots of winter photos are just someone standing outside win a coat LOL! Tell a more complete story and add a feeling of drama by layering things up! Varying the height of your embellishments- by using various shadows in Digi or glue dots and tape in paper- add terrific dimension that adds a real warmth and drama to your layouts!




Play off the cold in your photos with textured supplies.  This contrast will add a terrific dynamic to your layouts!  Each of the layout below are amped up with the use of cozy textures!

Here’s another issue that often comes up: Have winter stories- but no photos that stand out as “winter”? No prob. Fake it.  Use those winter supplies coupled with your journaling or titles to make it a “winter” layout! If you look at the layout below- the photo doesn’t shout winter- put the layout is undeniably so.  That’s because the supplies add where the photo lacks-

The point is- there is joy to be told in every season- the most important tip is to just be sure to get those stories down!  And if you have any tracks you use for winter scrapbooking, or a layout you’d like to share let me know in the comments below!

*All layouts show made with ForeverJoy Winter Products

what joy will you create today?


  1. Well living up here in Michigan we sure get the snow and I love to take photos. Some great tips here on how to protect your cameras and phones. I just did a winter layout of my great grandson making a snow angel using Cozy Up. It’s in the gallery. LOVE that kit!!!

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