Looking Closer at Making the Grade

This weekend was the release of the Making the Grade digital scrapbooking collection.  Typically, school themed kits are everywhere in August- but with this being the season of graduations and cleaning out backpacks- I thought it would be fun to create a design that could be used now as we look back on the year that was- and celebrate it’s milestones.

The Creative Team blew me away with their scrapbooking layouts with this one! A few CT members shared their thoughts on using the design:

“Graduating anything is a big deal! This kit can cover so many milestones and age-groups. I love the periodic table style wordart and different coats of arms banners! The hand-drawn art in the elements and papers of this kit take classic school accessories and give them a fun and whimsical feel. With the ‘Oh The places you’ll go ‘ cursive wordart these all helped me make a fun preschool grad page with lots of texture and character!” – Layout Artist Justine (@bellbird) 


“I utterly fell in love with the corkboard bg in this kit, it even comes with pins, how fun is that? In my country we don’t have graduations the same way as in the US, so I will have no photos until they finish at 18, but I have some (not a lot) of other school related pics, like this one of my youngest and her dad trying out a puzzle at one of the schools open days. This kit is so versatile it works! My absolute favourite being the Genius scrabble letters wordart. Because every mum wants to think her kids are geniuses to be, right?” – Layout Artist Jetje (@jetjez) 

That periodic table Word Art was definitely a fave for the team to play with- and it was sized in a few different ways!


Because there was a complimentary paper pack called LOOSE LEAFS released with the page kit- a few CT loveys swapped the background papers to showcase the kit and the paper pack.  It’s hard for me to choose a fave- but man! I think we can agree- what a difference a paper makes! Take a look:

What do you think? Do you think the different backgrounds add a different feel to the page? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!

what joy will you create today?

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