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Why It Works | Visual Triangles

Sometimes- especially after a binge on Pinterest admiring amazing scrapbooking layouts- I get a mental block of how to actually begin a page.  Analysis paralysis I guess you could call it.  Where to start?  That’s where my dear old design composition pal always comes to the rescue!  The Visual triangle!

These triangles are created when three similar visual qualities form a triangle and you use them to contain or connect an idea you want to highlight.  In a scrapbooking layout, the triangle can be formed with elements that are similar in weight or color, clusters of elements, or even the photos themselves. Sometimes it can be a triangular object you use as a mat or foundation for your photos.

It’s like building a house.  You don’t just start with hammering wood together- you have a foundation first.  A framework. Think of these triangles as a great foundation to build your visual story around!

Triangles never fail because it’s a human instinct to want to categorize things. And three of the same thing is an undeniable group. Once the eye finds the three similars, it connects them, are follows the path- looking for more connections.  That results in  focus and a pleasing flow.

The best way to keep interest and flow? Make sure your three points are not exactly the same. Instead of using the same flower three times, perhaps, vary the size, the angle or other elements in the cluster. And- you can have more than one in your layout. Just don’t get too crazy- because then you will short circuit the flow.

Take a look at these layouts and see if you can’t find the triangles- and next time your stuck wondering how to balance your next page- try the visual triangle trick!


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