Hello September!

We are set to start school in just a few days- the calendars and schedules have been updated, new school shoes are under each boy’s bed and the backpacks are packed with new supplies are ready to carry my guys into a new school year.  7th grade and Junior year college. *Deep breath.*

The one thing that makes saying goodbye to summer easier- is saying hello the the most wonderful time of the year- the “-bers” September– October– Novemeber and December! YAY!

Because this time of year can get so busy- I like to make a little bucket list for each month to help keep the fun in focus.  Monthly bucket lists help ground me in the present- especially since I can get easily caught up in planning so much for the future that I can lose sight of the awesome moment I am in right now.

Looking at my list for September- I can’t help but laugh at how much revolves around food LOL! But hey! We have to eat- so why not make it fun? It’s kind of like a free way to celebrate– since I would be grocery shopping anyway.  Season foods are just such an easy way to bring a little magic to the day. And there are just certain tastes that go hand in hand with each chapter of the year- don’t you think?

September for me is filled with Friday Night football for the little guy- Liam, and Saturday rugby games for the big guy- Ryan.  It’s a month full of back to school meetings and play-dates to reconnect Liam with his friends after the summer. September is also the month we pack away the summer stuff of life, and start to layer up for the Autumn.  It’s also busy month at my drawing board getting new products ready for the months of memories ahead.

So- it’s important to write down the fun things I want to do. That makes them a priority, and keeps them on my radar. After all- life is what happens when you are busy making other plans!

Here is my bucket list of food and fun for this month: *if you’d like to download this list- just click here or on the image below! 

  • Celebrate the first day of school!
  • Pack away bright summer clothes and bring out the cozy stuff.
  • Hello booties and infinity scarves Transition outfits for the win!
  • De clutter for the new season- reread Marie Kondo’s Life Changing
  • Magic of Tidying Up. Let go of items that I did not love using
  • this summer
  • Start decorating for autumn- blankets, candles and pillows. Light
  • up the Cinnamon and apple candles. More nature- less knickknacks
  • Have a Family Game night with sandwiches for dinner
  • Celebrate the first chilly evening with a Pot Roast Dinner
  • Pack a picnic for the park
  • Watch a movie outdoors on the projector
  • Grill corn on the cob
  • Enjoy a Autumn Crafternoon
  • Lay blankets out and stargaze- less mosquitoes now!
  • Go for a hike- collect leaves and acorns to decorate with
  • Make leaf rubbings
  • Visit a corn maze less crowds that October!
  • Go Geocaching
  • Visit the local farmers market and pick up tomatoes and cheese
  • to make grilled pizzas with
  • Visit the Apple Cider Mill and get cider and cider donuts
  • Bring home a few apples to make apple cobblers with
  • Make a big pot of Chili to enjoy with friends tailgating

Do you have a fun way to celebrate September? I am always on the lookout for new ways to mark the seasons with my family- so share yours in the comment section below!

Happy September!



what joy will you create today?


  1. You must live pretty far north. Its so hot here. I do love your list though and the idea of fall coning makes me giddy. I will use a few of your ideas in Oct.

    • Hi Kellie! I’m in NYC- it’s still warm in the days- but evenings drop to high 60s- perfect for sweatshirts and cuddling by the fire!

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